Difficulties in Croatia…

28th of October to 21st of November, 2019.

               From where to start? At the beginning I thought that things would be all right but… with that feeling that something would might go wrong. I could say that I should always follow my instincts, again, as I always say, but then actually what could I do? I mean, could I just leave without any explanation? Or should I make up a story or something? Is not that too mean and / or bad? I do not know.
              So what are those things that I thought back in there? Well…
              A. is always, at all times, offering me everything and asking about what I want to eat all the time, giving me food all the time, and trying to be so nice all the time. And I am thinking, like we think in Brazil – Isso não vai prestá! (This will not work well!). Just for you to know, in the future, that would go in a completely different direction, to not food at all in the fridge, or just not vegetables at all, not even rice in the cupboards or something that I could eat apart of bread. Not even the cheese, her so easy to make, daily cheese (not an intentional pun), I would have in quantity, but just a little. I felt that they were thinking I was eating too much. Were you, Lei? We know you eat a lot… The three meals! The three meals that we had for agreement since the beginning and I should have. That’s all! But instead of that, I would have breakfast early morning, lunch around 2 or 3 p.m., which is already an absurd, and then they would not expect from me to have a good and healthy last meal. Like as I should go to sleep without eat anything else. Oh, Lei, but you should eat anyway, because that was the deal. How the hell? How the hell can someone eat with this whole bad feeling around, like everybody is expecting for you not to eat?
              At this same point as well, there is no cooking that I could eat that have no meat on it. OK, at the beginning I was eating some soup here or there, just the vegetables and not caring for the meat, but then all the time like that? If I would not cook something without meat, which I should prepare for everybody, no food for me. Another ridiculous thing is, while they are cooking and wasting a lot of food into the garbage, that is all right, but them if when I cook, not loads of food but enough for everybody eat nice and still have some left overs: “Oh, Lei, please you must cook small portions because I cannot through so much food away.” Then I cook little portions, just for me, what happen? Everybody come and takes some. When they already have their food with loads of meat and I, apart of that little portion I made, have nothing else to eat. And to make it worse, laugh, they open a small glass of pickles, and share just between them, not even worrying about offering to me, even that if was just for politeness. Oh, how silly of me, they do not know what that word means here in Croatia! Wow! Yeah, it’s true.
              The whole problem started for different reasons: A. does not speak English and has no patience, at all, to learn. It does not matter how much patience I do have, because she goes nuts easily. Then, there is no schedule at all, every single morning I must ask what in Loki’s heaven do you want for me to do. But how I will get the courage to ask her anything if, all that she can do is complain about how her husband, M., keep asking her everyday, all the time, what he must to do, and also her daughter and son. How? Plus, they do not believe that as a woman I can do a lot of hard work, even that A. as a woman put all the farm together basically on her own. But that is another story, because she is the queen of the world and she can do anything. Plus she is always right, it’s true. So while many times I get no work at all, other times I spend the whole day without one single minute free for myself apart of when I am going to sleep. I clean the dishes all they long, even if I do not eat, I must to clean the kitchen because it is always a mess. I work in the morning, I cook, I clean after cook, I spend the whole evening with the kid, and then I clean after dinner as well. If this is not work properly I don’t know what it is. Just because you had a donkey as volunteer before me, this L. that she talks so much all the time and how perfect he was, who was working in the farm, cooking, cleaning dishes, listen to her problems and probably saying: “Yes, of course you are right, A.”, do not expect the same from me. If he had no life at all apart of the volunteer work plus it was probably as domain as you are, I am not like that. At all. I love my independence, I have loads of things to do apart of being around you, making you company, and listen to your shit, which by the way, you do not want to change at all, hãm? You just want, as so many people in the world, to complain about it to someone and that is it. Because, come on, it is not that difficult plus, if it is that much shit, which makes you so sad and bla bla bla, just change the whole thing and that is it. But no, I have to listen the same complains, about the same thing, every single day. AH, I am so pissed but at the same time I am glad that I will not let that put me down.
              Nothing, I repeat, nothing that I would do was good enough for her. She would remake or rearrange everything I made. My food was not good enough (come on, guy, you know how good I cook, right?), because L. was a great cook, much better than me, he would make a buffet every time he cooked. It is like I was reliving my childhood or my whole life again. And I am sure that is the same way that she raised and still treat her kids.

             But I want to talk also about what I learn from Croatia. They love paprika! They eat all the time and they put in everything. What would be the comparative to Brazil? Tomato? And apparently, all the farm people live in the quite same way: the way they eat, mainly, not very well arranged during the day, with a late breakfast (even though they wake up very early even in the weekends), a strong lunch and a not very sure dinner, which can be anything or nothing. So even that they try to eat bio and organic and natural things, they do not have a good routine and do not practice daily exercises to keep them healthy. That is why so many people around here are fat. But back to the food, they have something called strudel, but which is actually a croissant kind of pastry with eggs, yoghurt, cheese and sugar inside, which I loved! Some baking with spinach and cheese are very delicious, like Burek. But A.a makes this soup, all the time, which I can barely call it soup, which I believe it might also be Croatian. She just put big pieces of meat, a big piece of cabbage, some whole carrots and that is it. The other “soup” was just that in a lot of water.
              I went out with her to some traditional stuff too. Not that I had an option because all the time she just say: “We are going…” and not even asking if I want. OK, I do want to learn more about the culture, the costumes and stuff, but the problem is that it always takes too much time, hours and hours, so I ended up almost never having some time just for me. One of them it was a “fish soup” competition, which was very boring, at least for me and D., who remain most of the time inside the car. A. did not cook the soup and that was why they just got the fifth place. She is a great cook. The other festival it was actually pretty cool and I felt so bad that I could not enjoy more. I got water / food poison in the night before, horrible pains which could not let me sleep, but even so I decide to go. The thing is I read about home made treatments and I learnt that better is not eat dairy products, drink coffee or alcohol for two days, so I could not drink all the wine people were offering for tasting for free or either the cheeses. So sad! But even so I was devastated, I felt that A. was not happy with me, as I did not want to drink or eat… What? How? I did not choose to get sick and I just did for your fault! It was your food and the water from your house which made me sick. Cannot you see? I wish I could drink and eat all these nice stuff for free but I could not risk my healthy. I also went to see her training the dance for this day. Over boring.

Traditional Festival

              There was one time I decide not to go. I had a huge migraine crises overnight, barely could sleep, so I decide not to go to A.’s Graduation from one of her culinary stuff. I could not risk have another crisis, in the middle of the thing, and not be able to enjoy or even worse, since I would not be able to lie down in a silent, peaceful, comfortable and dark place, to have also a miserable day. Then, the most ridiculous thing happened: A. said I should take whatever I would need to eat and cook because she had to lock the house. What? Lock from whom? From me? I felt so betrayed. How she could not trust me? What could I possible take from there, which I would not had taken before, all the times I was alone in there? Unbelievable. Even D. was ashamed of the situation. Buy lucky, I had some potatoes and vegetables from the other day so I could heat it, in my bedroom, to have it as lunch. Absurd!
              This family had some serious issues with the kids: they raised the first born completely on his own, so the boy got independent and focused on the studies. Not just because he liked but because he wants first to prove himself, second to not become like his parents, non-educated people who have to work from sun to sun to have a normal life. Then when they have their second child, a girl, they raised her in the completely opposite way, being around her all the time. Now, the girls is spoiled and super attached to them, not even want them to leave to somewhere without her, plus, she is not into studies very much. Everything been completely their fault, they blame her! And treat the poor creature like shit! Always comparing her with the brother, saying that she should be more like him, and this kind of shit. Now, I have get that from my first few days around. Do you thin they do? Do you think they listen to me or believe me? And the boy is also quiet mean to the little girl, what drove me crazy sometimes. And I am pretty sure he is gay but is afraid to admit.
              A. has some nice friends and we visit some of them. She could learn so much from them, how to become a better person, how to have a better life, but I think she just does not want to.
              One day we visit a friend of A., who also uses Workaway. At the end, I believe she brought me along just so he could give me a lecture of how I should behave as a volunteer. Because that was the only thing he could talk about it: how he had so many bad volunteer who never did anything. And if he knew what A. and her husband actually think of him being gay… They did not actually say anything to me but, you know how is it, you know the little things people say, not saying, that truly tell you what they think. It is like old “I have nothing against homosexual people as soon as they do not come close to me” one.
              A. drove me to the next town on my departure day. She wanted me to believe she was sad but I know she was not. Even the little girl, which at the beginning said I was like her second mum, barely said goodbye to me.
              I know I did good and maybe I could have done more if they had guide me more a little bit more instead of expecting me to know more about their farm and house then themselves.

Long wait in Kasese

24th of January, 2018. 

              In Kasese, I try the first Hotel that I see for some wi-fi connection. They do not have wi-fi but have internet, so I just use their computer. I send a message to the guys of the Ecoproject, saying I would wait for them there. The Hotel it is Kasese Executive Inn. Why that? The phone number they gave to me it was off. I was trying for the last two days and nothing.
              The two managers do not care for having me around for over three hours waiting, but I would still need a place to spend the night and to eat.
              I am not concerned about Bright and Cruz. I know that unfortunately they just did not check the website that day or had checked in the morning and not again anymore. So I just have to wait until next day and everything will be all right.
              After asking to stay at the Hotel the manager say it is not possible and, in somehow, they do not have any food over there that I could have.
              So I ask about the nearest Police Station and they decide to call somebody from there to walk with me since it is already night. Middle time they go and buy me some eggs and Chapati, this thing which looks like the Tortilla they use in Spain to make Falafel and also it looks like those ones Annlin used to make back in Ireland. Of course I would learn later the the Indians claim to be the ones who created the Chapati, but in a different and more healthy way of making and the people from East Africa started to reproduce in their own and more simple way.
              The policeman come in a boda boda. He is a small man and look kind of trustful but not like a cop at all. We walk inside and I explain everything to him. He offers me to stay with him. He has a house where he live with his kids and I could spend the night, eat and next morning we would find those people together. So he actually work as a ID policeman: he is an expert in finding people.
              When the managers come back with four raw eggs and two Chapatis, we call for two boda boda and left.
              His house it is not far but I am, again, afraid to take the motorbike with my backpack. While walking until the house, he talk with a few people on the streets which is a kind of good sign.
              At the house, his five kids are eating with a gut who helps him. It is a three pieces house: a bedroom where the kids sleep, a tv room and the room where he offer me to stay. Since he has two mattresses, I tell him I could sleep on the tv room.
              We go out to eat. I have some rice with beans and he has a fish stew with Posho, this dough made off corn meal, which is cooked until it becomes a hard dough, which you break with your hand and dip into the stew. Soon enough, that would turn to be my most consumed food, like to every Ugandan.
              The owners of the place are nice and the old guy is wearing a nice t-shirt of Uganda. He loves football and is the president of some kind of football association from here. He promised me a t-shirt like his.
              Jim, the ID policeman, tells me we are going out for some rides because he has some stuff to do. We buy some water and another guy, Robat, join us. For the whole time, Jim is trying to find the guys from the Ecoproject. When we are almost coming back home, he receives a call: it was them. They decide to meet at a gas station. At the beginning, Jim tells me that the safest way would be pass the night with him and in the morning go with the guys.
              I recognized Cruz from a picture of Workaway. He looks nice. Bright come a few minutes later and also has a trustful air. They both say to feel sorry for what happened. And after Jim ask them a few questions, he decide they are trustful people because also he already had seen them around the town. So we walk back to Jim’s house to take my stuff and finally go to the Ecoproject. Still, Jim is making them a lot of questions and I feel a little weird about. Later, I said sorry to the guys.
              We take two boda boda and after a few minutes, and the worst road ever until now, we get in there.

Finally Slavonski Brod!

Monday, 28th of October, 2019.

               The first person to stop for me is a very nice and friendly guy. He tells me have hitchhiked before so that is why he always pick up people when he can. He also says been very surprised about the time I am in there. According to him, he never saw someone doing hitchhiking so early. So he is the one who shows me how close the service station is from the first spot I was hitchhiking in the day before. Something about 30 minutes driving. I truly cannot believe nobody was going there yesterday. It is a big service station and apparently a lot of people are stopping in here. I decide to spend some Euros and get something to eat. I am starving. But surprise, surprise, I am in Croatia now and here they just accept the local money, Kuna. Besides, I convert the prices of the biscuits and, Jesus Christ, so expensive.
              I carry on to hitchhike and as soon as I am putting the backpack down a van stops. I can tell the guys is Arabic and I feel a little bit concern. Although he seems trustful, my latest experiences showed me that you never know. He is going just 30 Km further but since I do not want to get stuck again, I take it. Unfortunately he does not understood my question about the highway but have not told me as well that he did not understand. Why? Just say to me that you cannot speak English and use your fucking phone or something, but do not say “Yes” when you actually have no idea of what I am talking about it. Anyway, things happen for a reason, apparently, and he drops me in another service station, also quite big but I believe with less traffic this time, maybe because is more out of Zagreb and more in the middle of nowhere. But still in the same way to Slavonski Brod.
              When Albin pass with his nice car I thought he would not stop. But then I realize he is actually making a sign with his head that meant: “Yeah, yeah, Slavonski Brod is fine, since I am going further”. So he is a very nice old man, a Civil Engineer, going to sign a contract in a city one hour ahead Slavonski Brod. I tell him about my travels and he gets very surprise. When I called A. again to tell her I am finally coming and he talks to her to decide where drop me off, he even tells her that I am a very nice and bright lady. How sweet of him! Thank you Albin for save my day and make me like a bit more of the Croatian people.
              I wait for a long time for A. I think over an hour. And this because I called her one hour before Albin drop me here. It is funny how sometimes you can totally get how it will be your whole experience with someone / at some place just from the first impressions.

Kampala to Kasese

24th of January, 2018.

               I wake up at six in the morning, put al my stuff together, have my breakfast and leave.
              Finding the road it is not difficult but the problem it is to find a good place to hitchhiking. It is all along busy, full of people and those small white buses. The backpack is heavy and the not strong breakfast (an orange and the small cake) make me weaker. I still have the bread so I decided ask for something to eat with it. I should have been direct and asked for a egg which I could boiled and put inside. Instead, I got another small cake and at least a bottle of water from a Supermarket owned by an old oriental man.
              I find a spot which looks less busy but when a couple who look nice approach me, I ask them about the ‘end’ of the town. They tell me it is too far to go walking and at that point I believe them because I could not walk any longer. They offer to pay the bus, just one thousand, which would save my live, so I accept. The woman tell me she also have a project, a school that need volunteers back in Entebbe.
              Where the bus leaves me it is calm and it is really far away from where I was. I walk just until a shadow and start.
              From the other side of the road, a lady come and start to talk with me. After I explain my situation she try to help me because she hardly believe somebody would stop or drive me for free. Seventh Ugandan.
              After a few minutes two cars stop: the first one we talk to is with a couple and they are not going until Kasese; the second one, with two guys, it is actually going further, until the boarder with Congo, but they are reluctant in bring me with them. Thanks to the lady, explaining to them in Lusonko and begin them to take me, they accept and I finally find my way to Kasese. The lady still try to give me two thousand Xelins but I say I could not accept.
              I do not know what time it is exactly but before four o’clock I arrive in Kasese. A little bit before, the guys buy a lot of bananas and shared with me. It is the first time I eat three bananas followed. I kept the other two for later. It is also the first time I eat several slices of bread without anything on it. Bread with bread as we say in Brazil.

In a hurry (?) to leave Schengen Area

Sunday, 27th of October, 2019.

              I am a bit nervous about this hitchhiking day in particular. Why? Well, the reason is because today is the last of 90 days allowed by law for me to stay in the Schengen area. So basically, if I do not leave Schengen today, I might be in trouble. And to make it a little bit worse, there are not too many cars passing through me. Let’s hope the few ones which are will be enough.
              When I see Karen (young lady with me in the featured photo) pulling over, I could see in her face how happy and determined to help she is. She looks very young, younger than she actually is, and even that she is coming back from her night shift at the hospital (she is a nurse), she is full of energy, like a brand new sunshine. She is from Slovenia, currently living in Maribur, but has to work in Austria because the economic situation there is better. We have some great time together, not just during the trip, but in Maribur as well, since she offer to show me a bit around, to have a coffee, and she buy me one of the most traditional Slovenia / Balkans baking: Gibanica. Karen has a sister who also loves to travel and is living in Wales right now. As a final gift, Anna gives me a Virgin Mary pendant, which she tells me it will keep me protected, keep the bad things away from me. With that definition, I gladly accepted the gift and tell her it will always be with me. She drops me a bit outside of town, in a great spot, where she tells me already had seen a lot of hitchhikers before. Perfect!

Gibanica!! =P

              Now you are probably asking yourself why did I allowed myself spending so much time with Karen, something about two hours, if I was in such a rush to live Schengen? Well, I thought briefly about that when she first offer me the tour, because she offered, hãm? And it was very clear and kind in asking me if I was OK with that, if I wanted. And I realized that if I refused, just because I was freaking out about the time, I would be going in the completely opposite direction of what my travels are really about: other cultures. Someone so lovely like Anna and all she had to tell me and show me, could not possibly be out of my travels. It would be a huge waste! Besides, I had just to trust that what I was doing it was right and I knew everything it would end up fine.
              It takes a bit more to the next car to stop but at least he is going to Zagreb! He is Slovenian and lives there, but is going for some business in the Croatian Capital. Perfect! Now I know for sure I will be out of Schengen still today. I cannot totally relax yet because I am not quite sure how things will work out at the border, but I am half away of putting myself in the legality. Which is quite obvious since I am Law. Joke which just the Brazilian Portuguese / English “understooders” can get.
              At the border, it could not be more simple. I wait until I get an exit stamp from Slovenia and an entrance stamp from Croatia, and that is it. All of that from inside the car, hãm? No need for paper, pictures, prove of anything. Simple just like that. Yay! Now what ever come, come! Or not, in my case. Laugh. I think I get so happy and satisfied with that situation, that I attracted myself that absence of moving further that day. This young man helps even a bit more when he borrow me his phone to call Anita. I just tell her I am on my way to Zagreb and from there I will hitchhike to Slavonski Brod, where they should go pick me up. But even from the short call I could realize she speaks very little English. Would that be a problem?
              He drops me in the highway (what?), but near to an exit from Zagreb. We both agree that is better there than from Zagreb City. But apparently nobody is going to Slavonski Broad or any other spot better than here to stop for me. It is not late… something around 3 o’clock in the afternoon? Maybe a bit more. But still, it feels like is already six in the evening. I feel so bad because nobody is stopping. Like I could not count with Croatian people. How can be that no one single person offered at least to drop me in the next service station? Which in the next morning I would figure not be so far from here? That is very mean and helpless of all these people. Shame on you! Shame on all of you! Laugh.
              Helpless and very disappointed, plus without too much food apart of the delicious apple cake from Verena and two tiny apples I brought from her house, I walk away to make my camp somewhere near the road. There is a lot of space nearby a river, but it is all protected by a fence. So I do my camping in this side of the fence, quite close to the road, but since it is going down the hill a few metres, the cars cannot actually see me. I am a bit concerned about it. It seems too easy just be able to camp in there. My concerns get stronger later on, when the night lights are turned on, so bright and all in sequence, not giving me a chance of hide in the darkness between two of them. And my concerns get confirmed when later on, at 8 o’clock in the night (which actually sounded like 12 for me), two road workers come to me and tell me I cannot camp in there. The only reasons they give to me is that is too dangerous, because a car can come and crash on me. What? Ridiculous! Anyway, they say that if I was across the fence it would be fine but how the hell can I cross? I tell them I will need about ten minutes to pack my stuff and then I will leave. They are quite nice, you see? They trust on me and leave not before telling me that about one quilometre back there is a mall where I can camp around.
              When I just finish packing, they are back and this time they offer to drive me to the mall. Fantastic! Once in there they show me where around I could camp. The options are not bad and since it is in the middle of nowhere, apart from the mall, it seems fine. The only problem is the grass: too fucking high. Probably full of spiders and snakes. There is a Circus on the back and I even consider the idea of going there and ask if I can camp around them. But it seems closed already, nobody around, and I do not feel very trustful about it as well.
              So I first go to the mall, to get warm a bit and to think. I am hoping that the mall will be open until later but around 9.30 p.m. they close. I say – Let’s do this! – and get out to find a place to make my camp. Again.
              A little bit giving the fuck, I camp, again, down the main road. The cars can also not see me here but this time there is no fence. If I could or not, I do not know. But at least no one came again to tell me that and very early next morning I was already hitchhiking to Slavonski Broad.

Lack of help + the worst person in my trips until now

23rd of January, 2018.

               First of all I get lost. I have no idea how. This time I just keep walking, straight, so how the hell I end up going completely left? I have no idea. Maybe Google Maps in Uganda is so dumb as in Mauritania.
              I figure that out when I walk into a hotel to ask for information. There, not just the nice waitress try to help me but also a white man who was working in his computer. After he tells me about the road I am looking for, he also advises me to not camping on the ‘Park’ I had seen in Google Maps. He said my chances of security would be better if I try the Cathedral of that District, Budanga, so it is where I head up.
             Unfortunately the street is a hill. Which means for me it is a hell. I sit under a tree and eat my apple and my sliced carrot.
              Before reach the Cathedral, I pass through a kind of Catholic University which also is a library. What catches my attention it is the big grass space.
              Talking with the guard, a nice young man, he walk with me until the manager. In opposite of him, she does not look at all to want to help me. Of course you can presume the answer for my question if I could make camping around.
              Walking back the guard say something really sweet: “I feel sorry that it not depends on me let you stay or not”.
              Keep climbing the hill, I pass throw a hospital before the church. Taking rest in front of the church, an old simple lady walked into my direction, pointed to my tattoos and tells me god does not like that. She is not rude, by the opposite, she says that in a kind way. Still, since the Catholic University refused to help me, that was the second sign for me that I should not ask to stay on the Cathedral.
              I try the Hospital. The supervisor lead me to a kind of Human Resources, where a nice local old lady it is. I explain my situation to her and unfortunately while she is thinking in how to help me another old lady approach. I do not know from where she is but her accent sounds a little British. And then she starts to be my nightmare.
              She sounds like a connected person. The kind of person who are always into the news. She also knows about hitchhiking and backpackers. Now I do not know if based in her past experience or in the news. The things is, for the whole time I am in there, explaining about my trip and my plans, she is a completely jerk and mean person. Not rude, like yelling and point her finger on me like Henry, but mean, saying cruel things without even care or maybe even realizing that anymore.
              Something like “When she get a big rape than she will stop”, answering the other nice local lady, Mary, when she asked me if it was not unsafe to travel like that. Or saying that the travel without money and asking for help it is nothing but “Being a burden to the other people”. And while she is saying all those terrible things, she would keep doing what ever else, like typing a message or looking for a phone number, as that was a super regular way to talk with people. At least maybe for her.
              I just do not get it. How someone who suppose to help people, help those ones who need, can be so mean? It is not just like the UN guy, being a jerk, it is be mean. Saying mean stuff without even care about how the other person could receive. It is not about saying the truth or something like that because is not a fact the I will be raped or even that if happen I will stop and also is not a fact the I am a burden for the others: I ask for help, I do not obligate anyone to help me, they do if they want. And if they do not want, worst person I have ever met old lady: they simply do not. So next time somebody ask for your help, simply say it ‘no’. Do not be a mean human being, hurting other people’s feeling just because you think you have to help them, better, because as a Christian (she was wearing this big silver cross around her neck) you should help them.
              Mary was truly trying to help me. She was thinking in call her superiors and ask them if I could make camping around. I did not let her. I said I would find my way. Of course the other lady could not let me leave without do something: what would looks like if a Christian let somebody without help. So she call a boda boda, the term in Uganda for moto taxi (which is the main way of transport here, by the way), and ask him to drive me to the Backpackers Hostel.
              Before I leave, Mary try give me five thousands Xelins. Of course I refuse but the mean lady had to do some last mean acting and take the money from her hands and forced back to her while she was saying something. I do not understand or remember what was it but for sure it was something mean.
              Should I had said something? Tell her everything I was thinking about her attitude? Or it would be also a mean thing to do? Maybe not if I had said because she was hurting me like she was. I do not know. The only thing I did it was when saying goodbye to Mary, I thankful her for her kindness and help but when I was saying goodbye to the mean lady I just said thank you for you help.
              Riding the boda boda with the backpack is really awful because it keeps pushing you back all the time. And of course there is the thing I would not hold the man from his waist as I used to do with Diego back in Brazil, so I felt really unsafe on it.
              At the Hostel, I explain my situation to the receptionist and she decide to go and talk with the manager. She come back with a negative answer. Nothing? They could do nothing to help me? That is so bad.
              Going back to the road, I just could not find any houses with big gardens where I could also ask for make camping. And also, after all the unhelpful people I have been meeting, I could not get optimistic that I would find some help. So I stopped in the Police Station and explained everything again. There is two ladies there responsible for the “Child and Family Assistance”: Agnes and Emilie. They are nice. The place it is something around 12 m² and they let stay the night there.
              Now I just need to find some food. I am starving. Emilie try to give me ten thousand Xelins to buy some food. I make a deal with her: I would ask for food, if nobody give me anything I would buy, otherwise I would give her the money back.
              I get an apple, an orange, a sliced bread, a small cake, and from the restaurant I have been before to ask for help (buy the way the guy was still in there) I get some good quantity of rice and beans from the nice waitress. My bag was full of food and I came back very happy to be able to give Emilie’s money back.

Free food because some people are awesome 🙂

              Unfortunately she is not in there and since I would have to live early in the morning, I wrote a note with my results from the night and my email address plus the money and left with one of the other Policeman over there.
              After eating, I wash it up, put just the first part of my tent because of the mosquitoes and the ants and try to sleep. The station it is just beside a busy road so at the beginning it is complicated, but not more than my day and also after the overnight at the air plane I slept quite quickly.

Sunrisa Sanctuary

16th to 27th of October, 2019.

               I admit I am a little bit concern about the last emails I exchange with Verena. She was saying some things that did not make sense and I started to wonder if she was a bit out of house. But I soon realize that she is just different.
              Sunrisa Sanctuary is a very calm and beautiful place in the middle of almost nothing. But Verena has some neighbors though. There are two small houses and one caravan. I could live in any one of the three without any problem.
              Verena is moving from the big house to the smaller one. We both agree that the bigger house is more than enough for two people to live. And maybe too big for just one person. There is a couple coming to rent this house and I actually meet them. The man, a 61 years old and very charm citizen, looks a lot like Burnt Reynolds, and his new partner, since they just met over a year ago, it is a musician. They both look really nice people. After they left that day, I had to say to Verena about the charming man – Good luck living with him!. Laugh.
              Laugh. That is one of the things me and Verena do more. All the time, most every nice evening, when we are enjoying the art, with pleasure, of cracking nuts, we have a laugh attack. That includes different reasons, like her handkerchief, which has some real but poor cats printed on; or when I say that when you come to Sunrisa Sanctuary to crack nuts, if you do not reach some kilograms per day, you have to walk over the nuts.


              I like the fact that I decide to adapt myself a little bit, according to others habits. After all, I can always be myself in places where I am left alone to do my own stuff, like cooking my own food. So Verena is not use to eat to many times during the day, and for lunch she usually has a smooth. I am glad to have them most every day. For dinner, we would always cook something together, some delicious meal with a garden salad (sometimes even having pancakes or Verena’s delicious apple and walnut cake), which we would have sat on the floor, in a perfect end of day.
She has a big quantity of grapes. Those small and dark ones. Back in Brazil I was not a very big fan of them, but here, all of sudden one day, I decide to eat them and I could barely stop. When I finally did, I told Verena that I was just stopping because I did not know exactly how my body would react to that. Stupidity of mine because I certainly knew: my migraine would go crazy later. How could I possibly forget that red grapes are one of the triggers to migraine? And a strong one.
              I go for a few walks here and there. Verena teaches me about some plants that I can eat from the nature; about a specific type of mushroom, really delicious, and quite easy to distinguish of others; about the fact that apart of potatoes, I can eat any other vegetables raw, which brings me to the raw cauliflower; and of course about how to crack nuts and to hunt for castanhas.
              My time with Verena it is and it passes very fast. I am glad that I decide to come a few days earlier than I proposed at first. I picked up nuts, grapes, apples, castanhas. Even that we had our differences (like she used to say how she missed a man company to help her around the place, while all I want is have a place to take care of it on my own), for me we had a great time together.
              OK, I think that is it.
              She drops me in the road to Slovenia, a good spot before the highway.

Entebbe to Kampala

22nd of January, 2018.

               When I look at this sign in the immigration of Uganda Online Visas Application, I think I am in trouble. Then when I check the people on the line and all of them are holding a piece of paper in their hands, I definitely think I am in trouble. I did not apply for anything. In no one of the blogs I read about the East Africa Tourist Visa I read about applying online. They all just talk about arriving in one of the three countries (Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda) and them ask for it.
              Talking with the nice lady behind me, she tranquillizes me saying that probably would not be a problem.
              At the end it is even better! Those few people with the online papers have to wait in a different section, while I just keep going from where I am in the line and pretty quickly I am the next. The application it is the most quickly and easier one until now. The guy just ask for the 100 Dollars (Yes! Thanks Loki it is just the one hundred I remembered), take a picture and put the Visa stick on the passport. No one single question about what I am going to do over there or where I would stay. Nothing.
              With my backpack I am also so lucky: It is intact!
              Still at the airport, I eat my sandwich, wash it up, rearrange my backpack and ask for a carbon box in a shop where I write “Kampala / Kasese”.
              The sun is hard. I know the road it is not that far, something around three of four kilometres but under that sun it could be lethal. Somebody stops and offer to drive me until a “bus stop” where all the local buses are going from Entebbe to Kampala. I kindly say thanks but explain to him that I would do the hitchhiking thing. He is the first Ugandan to say to me that nobody would take me for free.
              I keep waking on the road, a busy one, and two cops are around. One of them come to me and ask – what is going on? After I explain everything he just say nobody will stop. Second Ugandan. He is not saying anything that could help me and almost make me lose the UN car when it passes. Lucky, they saw my sign and came back. But then the luck stops because after I say I am going to Kampala and need a ride but do not had any money with me, the guy who is in the back, a white man, just say ‘no’ and close the window in my face! What? What kind of jerk would do that? Are not those people suppose to be nice and help the others? After a few moments of real anger, I though that maybe, maybe, he misunderstood what I said. If he did not get the first part of my explanation, when I was asking for a ride, when I said “I do not have any money” he might could think I was asking for money. Why I was reconsidering that? I was trying to believe that they might could be nice? I do not know. But even so, if he misunderstood me, why he was so rude and closed the window? Why he did not say one single nice word? Asshole.
              Walking a little more I finally find a reasonable place to hitchhiking. After two or three more people passing and saying that nobody would stop (third, fourth and fifth Ugandan), an young man from a bus that had just passed a few minutes before, to whom I told not to have any money, come back and say he would help me. I tell him again, a few times, that I have no money with me but he just repeat “It is OK, I will help you. Trust me.”
              They drive me the whole way to Kampala and after everybody left, he drive me to a bus station. We talk a lot in the way and when I explain my plan to him he also says nobody would pick me up for free, that could be dangerous or I could stay there for a long time (Sixth Ugandan). But the difference is that Jacob (how he is called) is a really nice person. He convince me to go to the Bus Companies and ask for them to take me for free since I do not have any money. I would definitely prefer hitchhiking because I would not feel that uncomfortable with the situation. After Jacob talks with two guys and they both refuse, we walk to the Post Bus, the one I read in all websites that should be the most trustful one. Before I talk with the manager, Jacob say he have to go. His bus is already waiting for him. He gives me two thousand Xelins (something around fifty Euros cents) to buy a bottle of water and leaves.
              The lady is nice but she says their buses just leave in the morning. It is before one o’clock now. Would she let me take the next morning bus if I had said I could wait? I will never know. She advise me going to a company which has buses each hour. So I do.
              The room of the manager it is full of man. Two of them, I am almost sure, are rich men. If any one of them offer to pay my ticket? Of course not.
              After talking to the manager, who at the beginning looked like a nice man who could and would help me, I wait for over an hour until decide to leave with not even a real answer from him. Idiot. Just make me lose my day. Because now, after two o’clock, it is too late to going to the road and then hitchhiking, since from Kampala to Kasese it is over six hours.
               I just decide to find a place to sleep, near to the road, and next morning get up early and try the luck. I do not know I am actually walking to one of the most disappointed “given help” experience until now.

Miedo ♪♫

           This post will not be one of my adventures but a suggestion of a wonderful song and a new life style for 2021. Do note let the fear stop you to live. Happy New Year!


Lenine e Julieta Venegas

Tienen miedo del amor y no saber amar
Tienen miedo de la sombra y miedo de la luz
Tienen miedo de pedir y miedo de callar
Miedo que da miedo del miedo que da

Tienen miedo de subir y miedo de bajar
Tienen miedo de la noche y miedo del azul
Tienen miedo de escupir y miedo de aguantar
Miedo que da miedo del miedo que da

El miedo es una sombra que el temor no esquiva
El miedo es una trampa que atrapó al amor
El miedo es la palanca que apagó la vida
El miedo es una grieta que agrandó el dolor

Tenho medo de gente e de solidão
Tenho medo da vida e medo de morrer
Tenho medo de ficar e medo de escapulir
Medo que dá medo do medo que dá

Tenho medo de acender e medo de apagar
Tenho medo de esperar e medo de partir
Tenho medo de correr e medo de cair
Medo que dá medo do medo que dá

O medo é uma linha que separa o mundo
O medo é uma casa aonde ninguém vai
O medo é como um laço que se aperta em nós
O medo é uma força que não me deixa andar

Tienen miedo de reir y miedo de llorar
Tienen miedo de encontrarse y miedo de no ser
Tienen miedo de decir y miedo de escuchar
Miedo que da miedo del miedo que da

Tenho medo de parar e medo de avançar
Tenho medo de amarrar e medo de quebrar
Tenho medo de exigir e medo de deixar
Medo que dá medo do medo que dá

O medo é uma sombra que o temor não desvia
O medo é uma armadilha que pegou o amor
O medo é uma chave, que apagou a vida
O medo é uma brecha que fez crescer a dor

El miedo es una raya que separa el mundo
El miedo es una casa donde nadie va
El miedo es como un lazo que se apierta en nudo
El miedo es una fuerza que me impide andar

Medo de olhar no fundo
Medo de dobrar a esquina
Medo de ficar no escuro
De passar em branco, de cruzar a linha
Medo de se achar sozinho
De perder a rédea, a pose e o prumo
Medo de pedir arrego, medo de vagar sem rumo

Medo estampado na cara ou escondido no porão
O medo circulando nas veias
Ou em rota de colisão
O medo é do Deus ou do demo
É ordem ou é confusão
O medo é medonho, o medo domina
O medo é a medida da indecisão

Medo de fechar a cara
Medo de encarar
Medo de calar a boca
Medo de escutar
Medo de passar a perna
Medo de cair
Medo de fazer de conta
Medo de dormir
Medo de se arrepender
Medo de deixar por fazer
Medo de se amargurar pelo que não se fez
Medo de perder a vez

Medo de fugir da raia na hora H
Medo de morrer na praia depois de beber o mar
Medo… que dá medo do medo que dá
Medo… que dá medo do medo que dá

On my way to Sunrisa Sanctuary

Wednesday, 16th of October, 2019.

               The rain come and goes and I have no mood to stand under it today. So when it finally seems that will not rain again soon and I stand in there, a nice lady offers to drop me somewhere else. It is not too far, as she kindly and very honestly tells me, but at least is much better than here because it is where other roads are put together in the same direction of Graz. Wonderful!
              The location is also in front of a supermarket, which is also great. Oh Gosh, I am just remembering now that the first person who actually talks to me is an asshole who asks something about sex. Disgusting! I am very strict and rude with him, to which what he respond apologizing. The interest fact is that, as soon as he looked at me and I saw it, I knew, I knew he was a fucking jerk. And call me crazy but I do not think he was from Austria.
              Anyway, the next guy is actually very cute but unfortunately he is just going to the next town. Why I do not go with him though, right? So many times I accept lifts just to the next towns so why not do it when it finally worth it, right? Laugh. I accept the lift of another man, who says it will drive me to a better place, which he actually does not. Laugh. But he spoke little English so I got mistaken by him. The spot is actually not very good because it is a roundabout without a good place to stop.
              It takes some time until this guy stop in the other side of the way, not actually in the direction to Graz. But since he opened the window and call me I go over there to check. He tells me he is going first just to drop a package in the next town and then he is going to Graz. I decide that is OK.
Fation is also from Romania and he tells me how he moved from there not because it is bad there but because here it is better and you can make more money. He bought this van to make deliveries and he wants to start a bigger company, to buy more vans and to make a better life. Unfortunately, in my opinion, what most of people still think nowadays is that you can only get a better life if you are making more money. Apparently, no one realizes that to live and to be happy is a much bigger part of having a better life than just having more money. This whole thing it is very problematic. When some of them actually get some more money, they will still not be happy, and they will think that the reason is because they do not have enough money yet, so they need to reach for more (of course not because the money is not enough but because they do not actually have a true reason to be happy yet). While the others, the ones that for different reasons can not get more money, will have a miserable life where they are always just trying to have more money and not actually living with what they already got, with what they have. In any case, no one of them are going to actually have a happy life. And the number of unhappy people is increasing drastically. That is horrible.
              Fation is actually going outside Graz. He says that is probably better if he drops me in a mall, in this little town called Seiersberg, so he drops me in the way to there so he can carry on in his way. I do not actually go to the mall because there is a Burger King just in front. I first have my lunch, outside of the shop, and then from there I start to communicate with Verena. I send some emails first but since she does not respond, I decide to borrow an attendant’s phone and call her. Everybody is very kind and they really help me, even bring the phone later to me when Verena calls back after not had answered when I first called her. This Burger King it is quite empty but still some people with kids and even a pregnant woman are coming. I just cannot understand why someone would eat in a place like this instead of going to any other simple and cheap but with nice food restaurant, or simply buy ready food from the supermarkets, which can also be very healthy. How can so many people like the tasty of this nasty food? It is disgusting! It taste like plastic! Or like foot.
              While waiting for Verena’s call though, I am actually trying to find a good hitchhiking spot, from where I could either reach her town or somewhere closer and then she could pick me up. But I simply could not find. There are highways everywhere around. But then when I finally managed to talk with her, she tells me that at the mall, what I though it is the line for the cars leaving the parking lot, it is actually a street, a street which leads the cars to the highway, so she tells me I can hitchhike in there and try to go to this town called Fernitz, because she is going nearby there right now. Great! It is actually a genius move because this spot is very good to hitchhike, there is a lot of cars and space to stop.
              Just a few minutes later a pretty lady stops for me. I do not understand exactly if she is going or not to Fernitz but I do not care and get inside her car. Talking during the way I figure that she is also very cute and I try to motivate her to travel more. I called Verena from her phone and they talk about a better place to Andrea drop me. Verena actually ask her to drop me a little further and, lovely as Andrea is, she say it is no problem. When I talk with her after the call and she tells me what is going on, she also adds that she loves to drive around during the autumn, because the view is so beautiful, so there is no problem at all. I give her my contact and blog and I hope she can get some inspiration from my travels and go out to see a bit / a lot more of the world.
              I wait for Verena in front of a red boat, just positioned beside the road. In about five minutes she arrives. For me she looks quite different of the picture at Workaway. She is with a South Korean friend.